Top 10 Marketing Apps For Financial Advisors

By Sara Kosior

In today’s world, most people head straight for the internet when they want to know something. In the business of financial advising, your ability to produce effective marketing for your brand will be essential in ensuring that potential clients will know what you have to offer. It is easy for personality and genuine care for your work to get lost in the whirlwind that is modern media and business. However, with the right tools you will be able to market yourself and your brand, putting yourself on a path to be a standout in the financial advisory world. While most of the following tools come with a cost, it’s worth it for all of the features they take care of for you in your branding and marketing strategies. Here are some of the top marketing apps for financial advisors.

  1. Hootsuite

More and more financial advisors are realizing how important it is to be engaged with their target audience. Hootsuite allows you to manage several accounts in one place to effectively build your social media platform. Sometimes day-to-day life can get hectic, but Hootsuite has a simple to use format that provides easy access to scheduling your social media posts ahead of time, and statistics tracking to help you keep an eye on your digital following. This app is great for helping with time management so that you can focus on your clients without sacrificing your social media effort. Hootsuite is free for up to three social media accounts, and upgraded version allow for the management of multiple company and client accounts for those who need it.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is another top app that is great for scheduling your social media activity. This app is a great time saver; you can easily add content to your queue as you discover it, or you can create your own content in the form of text, videos or images. Buffer’s clean layout makes it fast and simple to use, and helps to ensure your content is seen as much as possible. Buffer is also creating some other helpful tools in order to not only market your brand, but also provide great customer support to your clients.

  1. Tint

There are so many outlets for social media and other content you produce, and some of these outlets are not always conducive to every type of article, image, video or text. In addition, when you are managing several media accounts, it is always possible that some of your content is going unseen. It’s not uncommon for one media outlet to be more popular than others for any given company. Tint allows you to draw your best content from up to 10 social media accounts and collect it all in one place. Pulling from both user-generated and branded content allows for you to create a social hub in minutes, and has the ability to push the desirability of your brand up over other financial advisors.

  1. HubSpot

Hubspot combines the practicality of managing your social media and online presence across multiple platforms and the use of analytics to make the most of your brand marketing. The service gives great insight about SEO and is very reliable in the digital marketing community. More on the expensive side, this is a great tool to allow financial advisors to make sure that their content is in-line and up-to-date with the current trends and news online.

  1. Mention

Social listening is so important in this age where all it takes is one disgruntled client and a bad review to start building a bad reputation. Mention is very popular among professionals to manage their online presence. As a financial advisor, being able to keep up with what your clients, present and past, might be saying about your business is crucial in keeping up your credibility. By creating alerts on your name, company, brand and competitors, you can stay up to date with the most relevant mentions on the web and react quickly. You can also create customized statistics reports and collaborate with your team in order to maintain your overall online presence. Mention allows you to choose a plan that best fits your needs, and allows you a one-month free trial.

  1. SERPs SEO Keyword Ranking

Search engine results pages are very important for online marketers, and through the SERPs SEO Keyword Ranking app you can better understand how to maximize your visibility. While you need a valid SERPs account to us the app, this service allows you to see which marketing and branding tactics are actually working. There are also several free tools that you can access through SERPs online, but just by using the app you will be given the data you need and can do your own analysis.

  1. Nimble

Nimble has recently been #1 Sales Intelligence High Performer and #1 in Customer Satisfaction by G2 Crowd, and rightly so. Nimble makes it easy to engage with clients and other companies by building a specialized CRM database from the clients you and your team are working with. Nimble helps to grow critical business relationships through its ability to give you insights and better understanding of your clients, or competitors, by presenting clear and concise client or company details.

  1. EveryoneSocial

One aspect of marketing that may sometimes be overlooked is employee advocacy.   If you’re a financial advisor with a team, and even if you are conservative about your use of social media or online marketing, EveryoneSocial is a great and easy way to involve your team in building your digital presence. After trying out the free demo or securing login credentials, it’s clear that the visual nature of the app and the flexibility of the software makes it a great way for you to boost your brand. EveryoneSocial even analyzes reading and sharing patterns to recommend content that an individual prefers to see and share, either from the industry or your own branded content.

  1. WordPress

Never underestimate the power of blogging. Having a website or a blog is a necessary tool for any business. As a financial advisor, a major achievement could be finding prospective clients through trusted conversational channels. It may seem obvious, but by creating your own content and having a digital presence can create more of a transparency and a credibility for your business. By using the WordPress app, you can not only add content and posts, but you can also consistently monitor and moderate comments from readers and provide fast feedback. You can also add pages that help specific content to be found easily while increasing search engine visibility for you and your team or company.

  1. Flipboard

As important as it is to be able to produce your own content and build your social media presence, it’s also important to be well informed. Financial advisors are a valuable resource to many people who don’t really understand the finance world. Flipboard is a great tool that can be utilized for effective online marketing and further developing yourself as a knowledgeable financial resource. With this free app, you can select topics that are most relevant to you and your clients and stay up-to-date with industry news and industry influencers, as well as share anything interesting or useful with your social networks. This app can also help you discover other alternatives for content marketing, like infographics and videos, and how you can implement them into your strategies.

There are countless numbers of tools, apps and online services that are accessible to financial advisors, and these are just a few. While some are costlier than others, it’s more than advisable for you to start to acclimate yourself with some of these methods in order to establish and grow your digital footprint. Having a presence online is crucial in any business, and financial advising is no different. Feel free to stick to some traditional methods of marketing your brand, but give some serious thought to trying out some more modern methods and see how far it can take you and your company.

Sara Kosior is a junior public relations associate at Flackable, a national financial public relations agency. To learn more about Flackable, please visit

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