Rules To Drive More Inbound Calls From Mobile Marketing

By Sophorn Chhay

If you can get your leads to make a phone call, they’re going to be more engaged and more likely to make a purchase in the future. Getting them to that point, however, takes a bit of finesse.
Here are four ways you can leverage mobile marketing to drive more calls:

Use Mobile Keywords to Gather Leads
In order to drive more inbound calls, you need to drive more leads in the first place. Once you have somebody interested enough to subscribe to a newsletter or provide their information, you’ll have them ready to make a phone call.
One of the best ways to do that is by using mobile keywords to build a text message list. It’s a simple process. You can create different keywords for each segment in order to provide them relevant information in the future. Once they send that keyword to your number, they’ll be subscribed automatically.
A retail chain was able to use this method to drive over 800 registrations, and just under a quarter of them took the next step by applying and qualifying for a store credit card. By using mobile keywords, they were able to generate valuable leads without much effort.

Utilize Native Advertising
If you’re going to invest in mobile advertisements, your money is best spent on native ads. By blending into the application that they’re placed in, native ads are much more likely to be successful. Their click-through rate is twice as high as normal ads, and they tend to draw much more engagement. If you want to generate phone calls with mobile advertisements, native ads are probably your only option for true success.

Send Text Messages Instead of Emails
Email marketing is typically a key component of any digital marketing strategy, but it simply isn’t as effective as it used to be. Here are some of the key advantages that SMS messaging has over traditional email marketing:
● Superior open rate. SMS messages are opened 98% of the time, while emails are only opened about one-third of the time.
● Immediate opens. 98% of all the SMS messages you send are opened with the first three minutes! On the other hand, less than a quarter of email opens occur in the first hour.
● Optimized for phone calls. Every single text message you send is opened by a mobile user who already has their phone in hand. If you’re looking to drive phone calls, it’s impossible to find a more effective channel.
It’s clear that if you want to drive immediate phone calls, there is no better channel than text messaging. In fact, sending a text right after a phone conversation increases your chance of conversation by 40%.

Make Sure All Your Inbound Content is Mobile-Optimized
The most important thing you can do to drive more phone calls from your mobile users is making sure all your inbound marketing content is optimized for mobile. This includes all of your emails, your website, and every piece of content you produce. If somebody uses their mobile device to search for your content and it’s confusing or difficult to view, they’re going to quickly navigate away to another website.
This is critical because when your mobile audience performs a search, they’re probably looking to make a purchase. In fact, more than half of all mobile search users make a purchase based on their search results. Not optimizing your SEO-friendly content for them locks out the portion of your audience that’s most willing to take immediate action.
An important part of the mobile optimization process is using click-to-call. This means ensuring that mobile users can simply click on your phone number in order to launch the phone call. Studies show that over half of all phone calls to businesses are now a result of mobile ads, so making it even easier for them to call you will naturally drive more overall inbound calls.
What’s Next?
Have you been able to use mobile marketing to drive more inbound calls for your business? Email me your strategies! I would love to read them.

Sophorn Chhay is the marketing guy at Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass text messaging, smart targeting and automation. Follow Sophorn on Twitter(@Trumpia), LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+
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