Adapting A Long-Term PR Vision

By Leah Hillegas

In our digital, on-demand society, many small to mid-sized professional services firms are constantly cycling through a variety of marketing efforts in order to stay afloat with their competitors. Often times, these marketing efforts are abandoned because they didn’t produce results fast enough, or because there wasn’t an appropriate budget allocated for the length of time necessary for the campaign. Which, in both scenarios, the firm will have likely received little to no return for their time and money.

As the saying goes, all good things come with time. Comprehensive PR campaigns take time to develop and produce tangible business results. It can take anywhere between three and six months for a PR campaign to really hit its stride. And because PR campaigns are often momentum driven, a campaign that goes through a lengthy pause can take another few months to gain that momentum back.

Organizations must understand that building a PR presence is similar to building up a resume. To land a great job, employers expect to see your past experience. To land that big press opportunity, you will typically need to have history of quality press placements

Top results don’t happen overnight—it’s a process. If you don’t land a game-changing media placement or start generating new business from it as quickly as you would have hoped, don’t let it discourage you. Take it with stride, adopting a focused, long-term mentality will certainly put you and your company on the road to success.

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Leah Hillegas is a current Advertising Major at Temple University interning at Flackable, a national financial public relations and digital marketing agency. Learn more at Follow Leah on Twitter at @leahhillegas.

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