5 SEO Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs Like You

By Catherine vanVonno

SEO strategies, no matter how hard you may run away from them, play an essential role in the brand of your business—So make time to learn the ropes.

Maybe you tried clicking one of those advertisements you saw online as it says how amazing they are on SEO-ifying your website.  You may feel too overwhelmed after a few minutes of tour. You think it’s too technical for you. It is fairly easy to get demotivated.

You don’t need to feel upset because there are a lot of hints you can take from the universe to solve your SEO crisis. A bunch of widgets, codes and HTML hacks can help improve your website performance. However, why crack open the dashboard of your site if there are plenty of things you can already do?

Here are Five SEO strategies that can help a crazy busy entrepreneur like you:

  1. Be very specific

Always remember, SEO does not need anything that goes around the bush. It needs everything you can give in specifics. When you try to bake a cake, you always need the exact measurements or else the ingredients will just get confused and voila—A total cake fail. One of the most crucial example of what you need to secure are your blogs’ titles. Playing mystery on titles usually don’t end up well with Google.

When giving your content titles, you must consider the words people always use when they are searching. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how you will search for ‘DIY Craft Inspirations’ and what title would entice you to open them? Between obvious and interesting it is important to always get it right because Google is always specific.

  1. Label your images properly

Images make your content engaging. It is easy to share, it is visually appealing and most importantly it is more convenient to use if you are trying to build up brand awareness. However, you need to properly label them on your computer before uploading them to your content editor for use.

Know that naming your file properly makes it easier to be found by search engines making it simple for your content to get a good SEO scorecard.

Let’s put it this way: If someone is trying to find images or at least articles related to Sherlock Holmes, they will find you in an instant if you will name your images “sherlock-holmes-2016”. This is not rocket science, so start renaming your gallery photos!

  1. Stick to your key words

SEO strategies have one thing in common—their goals. And these goals only aim for one spot and that is the first page of Google. You now know that using your blog posts to promote your products and services is one of the most effective strategies.

But do you know that using the same keyword every time you link a new post to an old post helps improve your SEO and drive more traffic to your sales pages? Now you know.

  1. Do someone a favor

This is like gift giving. Link your posts to someone else’s page but do not expect anything in return. I know that is not how a business usually works, but no worries. Promoting others’ work is a great way to network and soon enough, you will have an exponentially increased possibility of being linked to too.

  1. Stay active

This is the simplest, yet most challenging task if you are jam-packed with other priorities in your schedule. As a busy entrepreneur, SEO strategies will need time and attention from you. The best way to fulfill this is to have somebody work on your content and postings. Once you have someone to handle this, make sure you maintain timely and informational posts that can benefit your readers. Staying active online is definitely time consuming, but it totally pays off.

SEO need not be complicated. See? We have summarized the basics in a manner that is consumable by the busy entrepreneurial layman.

Catherine is President & Executive Director of 20four7va, a global ecommerce virtual assistance service provider. She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing. Follow Catherine on Twitter.

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