5 Major Reasons Why Your Site Needs a Theme Update

By Catherine vanVonno

If it’s your first time working on your website, you may get a bit surprised if we will tell you that going live is not actually the final stage. There are still a lot of website development tips you need to learn and do to get your bad boy up-and-running efficiently. One of the most important things you need to realize before you move forward is the value of a website theme.

A website theme, to briefly define it, is a unified set of elements and color schemes that you apply to achieve consistent and attractive pages. It also lets you manage your website’s appearance in one place, making it an obvious key for your site to be successful, manageable and flexible.

Now, the only question left is ‘How can we maintain our website?’ Simple—through updating and maintaining your theme. We know that a lot of you are feeling a bit loaded from the technicalities, but if you are still not feeling motivated, we’ve listed five major reasons why your site needs a regular theme update.

  1. Updated Theme Spells Security

One of the major reasons why we need to update our theme is because of security concerns. Due to immense popularity of themes like WordPress, it became a popular target for hackers, malware’s and data thieves. WordPress currently powers up 23 percent of the websites in the world. Using an old version makes your site vulnerable to all the dangers.

  1. Compatibility

Updating your website theme saves it from performing poorly. Websites and themes are using plugins to make specific features work the way you want them to perform. These plugins also update through time for improving its functionalities. This being said, using an outdated theme can no longer be compatible with the present features—making your site function very unsafe and unreliable.

  1. User Interface

This is a concern pressing more on the front-end pages. Though this may appear a bit less important in this prestigious list of website development tips, it is actually one of the most important aspects you should consider all the time. Designs makes the audience stay on the site. The designs somehow hint your audience if your website is credible enough to trust. Poorly designed themes leave a very bad impression to users, which later on increases a website’s bounce rate.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Outdated themes run much slower than an updated website. Since speed is a huge factor in SEO scorecards, slow performance can spell a huge addition to your bounce rate, impression and traffic. You should ensure maximum performance through using an updated theme and heed all the benefits that can be brought by a well-executed SEO plan.

  1. Bugs

No matter what we do, there will always come a time where a bug will pay us a visit. Themes are all firmly tested before they are released, but bugs can be clever—too clever sometimes that they slip through the cracks. This is also one of the major reasons why themes are being updated. To put it simply, older themes have bugs, so when you install the latest theme, these bugs will disappear because the newest themes had them fixed away.

Updating a theme may come a bit too technical for you, but believe me, you have to learn how to. If you experience problems and ask for help, support will always tell you to just update your theme to instantly fixes the issue.

If you are having a hard time updating your theme, here’s one of the greatest website development tips ever created for us. Google a demo video! Enjoy your newest theme soon!

Catherine is President & Executive Director of 20four7va, a global ecommerce virtual assistance service provider. She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing. Follow Catherine on Twitter.

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